The Mahabalipuram analogy

Few years ago, I visited Mahabalipuram, and have been recommending a visit there. The city reflects, what happens in most of the personal and large scale software projects.

The whole city has thousands of rock sculptures, and a lot of them are incomplete. It appears that the reason for unfinished sculptures is that every king wanted to build their own grand-sculptures. None of of them wanted to finish the work started by earlier kings.

Sounds familiar , isn't it ? Software bloated, because they have multiple unmaintained implementations of same algorithm / data structures. Personal projects abondoned because next project is more interesting. Personal sites deleted because work takes over !

This is the weakness, I share with so many people in this world, but I can't afford it any longer. This is my 7th attempt at a personal site ( or blog, or bliki or anything you want to call it ). I want to stick around this time.

Finding the technical stuff to write regularly is a bigger challange than 10 years ago. There are so many well meaning and well learned folks writing various kinds of posts, and the stack overflow becomming the single point of all technical knowledge, are hurdles I need jump.

And, of course, I've no clue how ! But then, there is no other road.

See you around, this time for much longer !

Keep wandering, keep wondering !